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== AAF ==
== AAF ==
[[SW:GCATemplates|GCATemplates]] available: [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/ada/run_aaf_20160518_ada.sh yes]
[[SW:GCATemplates|GCATemplates]] available: [https://github.tamu.edu/cmdickens/GCATemplates/blob/master/templates/ada/run_aaf_20160518_ada.sh ada]
AAF [https://sourceforge.net/projects/aaf-phylogeny/ homepage]
AAF [https://sourceforge.net/projects/aaf-phylogeny/ homepage]

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GCATemplates available: ada

AAF homepage

 module spider AAF

AAF (alignment and assembly-free) is a free software package that reconstructs phylogeny from next-generation sequencing data without assembly and alignment.

It takes raw sequencing reads from each sample altogether and generates a distance matrix based on the proportion of shared k-mers between each sample and reconstruct a phylogeny based on the distance matrix.