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Old page available at http://sc.tamu.edu/software/.


We currently have many commercial and freeware packages installed on our supercomputers. Online documentation and links to the vendor's website are available to TAMU computers and to computers using TAMU's VPN. Requests to use restricted software should be emailed to the SC helpdesk. Please also consult our Restricted Software Policy for more information. The software acquisition and licensing policy for our facility is here.

Finding Software

On our clusters, the software is available through the module system. Available software can be queried with:

  • module avail or
  • module spider.

On our Linux workstations, a list of available packages can be queried with:

  • rpm -qa | sort .

Available Packages

We maintain a number of pages documenting the use of some of the available packages including:

License-Restricted Packages

These packages are restricted by license. Individuals or groups have purchased licenses for these packages and manage the list of users that may access them.

Note: These packages are not the same as Export-Controlled Software, as mentioned in the Restricted Software Policy.

Useful Tools

The following is a list of the most frequently requested / needed tools on our clusters.