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Access Using SSH

To connect to Ada from a Unix/Linux or Windows host, you must use SSH (see below). Enter:

localhost$ ssh NetID@ada.tamu.edu

where the ada.tamu.edu address is a DNS round-robin alias for ada[1-8].tamu.edu. You will be prompted for your password in order to establish authentication. Once you login into one of the 8 login nodes, the shell's prompt will be NetID.ada[1-8].

SSH is a client-server software that provides for secure (by encryption) logins and other communication between two hosts. SSH is freely available in the Internet for Linux/Unix and PC Windows (in the guise of mobaXterm).

The SSH client-server communication software must be installed on your local machine and, if you want to connect to Ada from outside the campus firewall, you also need to install the Virtual Private Network (VPN) package. SSH is freeware that you can download from the internet. For Windows the preferred SSH client is mobaXterm, which activates automatically X11 forwarding. You can get VPN from this TAMU web site: http://hdc.tamu.edu/Connecting/VPN/.