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System Message(s) of the Day

After you enter your username and password while logging into one of our systems, you will typically see set of news items that are pertinent to that particular system. These are commonly called the "messages of the day" or MOTD. It is STRONGLY recommended that you read these news items. They are typically stored in /etc/motd on every system. An example of the news items is shown below:

$ cat /etc/motd
   |                                                                        |
   |              Texas A&M University Supercomputing Facility              |
   | Website: http://sc.tamu.edu  Consulting: help@sc.tamu.edu or 845-0219  |

      Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited and subject to criminal
      prosecution.  Authorized users must also adhere to:

      Acceptable Use Policy:  http://sc.tamu.edu/policies/use_stmt.shtml
      Data Storage Policy:    http://sc.tamu.edu/policies/storage.shtml

*       === Use of Export Controlled Software/Data is Prohibited ===          *
*  By policy it is prohibited to use Ada in any manner that violates the      *
*  United States export control laws and regulations. Our staff is currently  *
*  constituted by US citizens and legal permanent residents.                  *

                         Welcome to the Ada Cluster.

 For documentation, please see https://github.tamu.edu/j-perdue/adadocs/wiki
 You can also report issues at https://github.tamu.edu/j-perdue/adadocs/issues

     To view the list of (most) available software, type 'module avail'.
     To search for a module, type 'module spider <keyword>'.
     To use a software item in the list, type 'module load software_name'.
     To view help information, type 'module help software_name'.
     For help with the "module" command, see: man module

*                                                                             *
*      !!! WARNING: There are currently NO BACKUPS of user data. !!!          *
*                                                                             *

19Sep2014 - The Ada cluster is currently experiencing issues due to firmware 
   updates applied during the 30Aug2014 maintenance.  Compute nodes may
   unexpectedly power off due to high temperatures.  We are currently 
   investigating the issue with IBM support.

The news for all systems are also shown on our home page. The archived news items can be found at here.