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HPRC:Fair Resource Usage

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Ada Login Nodes

8 cores, 256GB/8 * #ofCoresInUse

Understanding of single core memory hungry programs

Utilizing top

Ada Compute Nodes

Cores vs memory

64GB nodes, 54GB usable.

Avoid 20 core jobs between 55GB and 240GB (used all the cores? use all the memory!)

256GB, 245GB usable.

Don't circumvent queue structure

Ada VNC Nodes

Kill your jobs

Be mindful of those on your node

Terra Login Nodes

28 cores, 128GB, 128GB/28 * #ofCoresInUse

Direct single core, memory hungry to Ada

Utilizing top

Terra Compute Nodes

28 cores, 128GB

Some GPUs - don't reserve if not going to be used

Software Licenses

Limits, but need quantity

Other Cases

In the case that a particular guideline is not within this page, please practice common sense.

During peak hours, there may be up to a few dozen researchers competing for the same resources. Timing, planning, patience, and moderation all play their role in ensuring all users can get what they need.

If in doubt, contact the HPRC Help Desk with your request. We will work on a case-by-case basis for those needing extreme resources.