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Common Problems & Quick Solutions

Q: When do accounts expire?

A: Accounts expire at the start of the new fiscal year (September 1st). You can see when your account expires by going to our Account Management System (AMS) and checking under the Accounts tab.

Q: How do I get more SUs?

A: If their basic account has run out, students will need to have their PI transfer SUs to them. PIs can apply for up to two Small accounts for not more than 200,000 collective SUs. After this Small allocation has run out, PIs will need to apply for Large accounts. See our Account Allocations page for more information on the allocation policies.

Q: How do I transfer SUs?

A: To transfer SUs, PIs will need a Small or Large account (see our Account Allocations page for more information). Once an account has been granted to the PI, they can transfer SUs to any of their researchers on our Account Management System (AMS). If a PI needs to add a new researcher, the PI must contact the Help Desk.