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This page addresses common questions regarding the retirement of the Ada cluster and the subsequent transition to Grace.

How can I get access to Grace?

Do I need to submit an application for Grace to access Grace?

When will Grace be open to all users?

When is the last day I will be able to access Ada?

The last day to access Ada is June 30th, 2021. Ada's retirement will be in phases.

  • On May 17, we will shutdown some of the compute racks in preparation to give them to the designated research groups approved by the VPR.
  • On June 1, we will shutdown the remaining compute racks. The login and data transfer nodes will remain available for retrieving and migrating data.
  • On June 30, the Ada cluster will be completely shutdown. Retrieval and/or migration of data MUST be completed by this date.

What will happen to my data on Ada?

The GPFS file system for Ada's home, scratch, and tiered will be retired. All data on GPFS file system will be wiped after Ada's retirement. Users are advised to migrate/retrieve their data before the Ada's shutdown date of June 30, 2021.

How do I transfer my data from Ada to Grace?

The best option for transferring files from Ada to Grace is using Globus Connect. You can also use scp/sftp and rsync (command line) from Ada login nodes or FTN to transfer files to Grace login or DTN nodes (suggestion on host selection). Please transfer only needed files to Grace. If you need to increase Grace scratch quota or file limit, please contact HPRC helpdesk.

What will happen to my unused SU's on Ada?

Will my Job Scripts from Ada work on Grace?

How do I find / load Software Modules on Grace?

Will my Job Scripts from Ada work on Grace?

My version of Software X is on Ada but not on Grace, how can I request this software version?

Will my Job Scripts from Ada work on Grace?

Will the "tiered" filesystem be available on Grace?

"tiered" on Ada will be retired. There is no equivalent of "tiered" available on Grace cluster.