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Access from Linux/Unix

OpenSSH is an SSH v1.x and v2.x compliant SSH package that is available for many Linux and Unix operating systems and is " ...freely usable and re-usable by everyone under a BSD license... ". OpenSSH also includes secure copy (scp), which may be used instead of ftp. It is available from: ftp://ftp.openssh.com/pub/OpenBSD/OpenSSH/portable/.

Using the Terminal

If you are using a UNIX based system (IRIX, Linux, SunOS, etc), open a terminal window and connect to the cluster using SSH.

Remote Display of Programs with Graphical Interfaces

Typically, if you use a graphical login screen to login a Linux or Unix system, then the system is already running a X11 server. You will need to login with SSH to the cluster in a slightly different manner:

ssh -X NetID@ada.tamu.edu

The -X option tells SSH to allow programs to forward and display their graphical interfaces. This is known as X11 forwarding. To verify that X11 forwarding is working, type the following command:


If a new xterm terminal window for the remote system pops up, then X11 forwarding is working correctly.