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Contact Information

User Consulting: <a href="/help/helpdesk.php">http://sc.tamu.edu/help/helpdesk.php</a>

Web Site Feedback: <a href="mailto:webmaster@sc.tamu.edu">webmaster@sc.tamu.edu</a>

Administrative Contact: (979) 845-4139 or <a href="mailto:account@sc.tamu.edu">account@sc.tamu.edu</a>

<a name="#address"></a>

Mailing Address

104 <a href="http://aggiemap.tamu.edu/init.asp?Bldg=0517"> Computing Services Annex (CSA)</A>, Building #517, Mail Stop 3363

College Station, TX 77843-3363

<a name="#directions"></a>


Click <a href="http://aggiemap.tamu.edu/init.asp?Bldg=0517"> here</a> for a campus map showing our location. If you are coming from out of town and would like directions to the campus itself, click <a href="http://campusmaps.tamu.edu/">here</a> and use the "Driving Directions" box.

If you are a non-TAMU visitor and need to park your vehicle in the vicinity of our building, please use the <a href="http://transport.tamu.edu/parking/visitor.aspx?CCG#CCG">Central Campus Garage</a>. In the event this garage is full, you may use the <a href="http://transport.tamu.edu/parking/visitor.aspx?UCG#UCG">University Center Garage</a>. For more information on visitor parking and the locations of these garages, click <a href="http://transport.tamu.edu/parking/visitor.aspx">here</a>.