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== Website Feedback ==
== Website Feedback ==
* [mailto:webmaster@hprc.tamu.edu webmaster@hprc.tamu.edu]
* [mailto:webmaster@hprc.tamu.edu webmaster@hprc.tamu.edu]
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Contact Information

Help Desk

  • User consulting
    • Preferred contact (this gives us all a chance to examine the problem)
    • Other ways of reaching us (unfortunately, this usually limits us to one on one contact)
      • 114A Henderson Hall (222 Jones St. [behind the ILSB building])
      • (979) 845-0219

Administrative Contact

Mailing Address

222 Jones St
Building #0425, Mail Stop 3361
College Station, TX 77843-3361


See links above for maps of our locations on campus.

If you are coming from out of town and would like directions to the campus itself, see this page.

If you are a non-TAMU visitor and need to park your vehicle in the vicinity of our building, please contact us for parking information.

For more information on visitor parking and the locations of these garages, click here.

Website Feedback