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AMS User Interfaces

AMS provides two different interfaces to users:

Web Interface

The web interface provides a complete and historical view of your HPC resources.

Command Line

The command-line interface may be accessed to by a command on login nodes of a machine:


	 -d accountNo: Set accountNo as the default project account
         -e YYYY-MM-DD: Specify end date (00:00 AM) for job records
	                (-j option must be specified.)
         -h: Display this help and exit.
	 -j: Produce the job records in current fiscal year for 
	     the selected project account.
	 -l: List all the active local project accounts.
	 -p accountNo: List uncomplted jobs for accountNo.
         -s YYYY-MM-DD: Specify start date (00:00 AM) for job recrods.
	                (-j option must be specified.)
         -c: Display job records with line length <= 80 chars.
	                (-j option must be specified.)


myams - Shows and manages all your personal project accounts on the system.

The commands below allow you to submit jobs:

On eos:

qsub - You may use the standard qsub command included in TORQUE/PBS to submit your jobs. However, you may use the PBS resource billto= to specify which project account you would like to use.

Please use the system's man pages to learn more about these commands.