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Transfers SUs

A PI or a delegate of a Startup or Research allocation can transfer SUs to or from researchers after login at https://hprc.tamu.edu/ams. SUs CANNOT be transferred from a basic account.

  1. Click the 'Transfer' menu on the top SU Transfer.png
  2. Click the System (Cluster/Machine) to transfer SUs. SU System.png
  3. Click the Project/Account to transfer SUs SU Account transfer.png
  4. Click the Researcher Project/Account to transfer SUs, enter the amount of SUs to transfer, select the transfer is to or from the researcher, and then click the 'Submit' button' SU Transfer complete.png
  5. Read the message after the 'Submit' button is clicked. If there are any error messages, please contact help@hprc.tamu.edu.