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HPRC:AMS:Add a Project Delegate

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Add a Project Delegate

A Research or Startup project can add one delegate to transfer SUs to/from researchers of that project. A delegate of a project must be a researcher of that project. For example, a PI has a Research project 080123456789 with three researchers: Tom, Mary, and Gabriel. The PI can add one researcher (e.g. Mary) to be the delegate of this project. After Mary is added as the project delegate, Mary can transfer SUs from the PI's account to Tom's account and vice versa.

A PI adds a researcher as a project delegate

  1. PI needs to login at https://hprc.tamu.edu/ams
  2. PI clicks the account menu on the top Delegate Account.png
  3. PI click the dropbox which lists all projects of the PI and select the project to add/remove delegate.Delegate Select account.png
  4. PI goes to the "Your Researchers" section and click the 'Add' button in the same table row of the researcher to be added as the project delegate. Delegate Add.png
  5. Now PI should see the that the researcher is added as the project delegate. Delegate Add confirmed.png