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Grace: A Dell x86 HPC Cluster

Hardware Overview

Grace is an Intel x86-64 Linux cluster with 950 compute nodes (44,656 total cores) and 5 login nodes. There are 800 compute nodes with 384 GB of memory, and 117 GPU nodes with 384 GB of memory. Among the 117 GPU nodes, there are 100 GPU nodes two A100 40 GB GPU cards, 9 GPU nodes with two RTX 6000 24GB GPU cards, 8 GPU nodes with four T4 16GB GPU cards. These 800 compute nodes and 117 GPU nodes are a dual socket server with two Intel 6248R 3.0GHz 24-core processors. There are 8 compute nodes with 3 TB of memory and four Intel 6248 2.5 GHz 20-core processors.

The interconnecting fabric is a two-level fat-tree based on EDR Infiniband. High performance mass storage of 5 petabyte (usable) capacity is made available to all nodes by DDN.

Get details on using this system, see the User Guide for Grace.

Compute Nodes

A description of the four types of compute nodes is below:

Login Nodes

Mass Storage

5PB (usable) with Lustre provided by DDN



"Grade" is named for Grace Hopper.