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(Hardware Overview)
(Hardware Overview)
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| Operating System:
| Operating System:
| Linux (CentOS 7)
| Linux (CentOS 8)
| Total Compute Cores/Nodes:
| Total Compute Cores/Nodes:

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FASTER: A Dell x86 HPC Cluster

Hardware Overview

System Name: FASTER
Host Name: faster.hprc.tamu.edu
Operating System: Linux (CentOS 8)
Total Compute Cores/Nodes: 11,520 cores
180 nodes
Compute Nodes: 180 64-core compute nodes, each with 256GB RAM
Composable GPUs: 200 T4 16GB GPUs
40 A100 40GB GPUs
10 A10 24GB GPUs
4 A30 24GB GPUs
8 A40 48GB GPUs
Interconnect: Mellanox HDR 100 InfiniBand
Peak Performance: 1.2 PFLOPS
Global Disk: 5PB (usable) via DDN Lustre appliances
File System: Lustre
Batch Facility: Slurm by SchedMD
Location: West Campus Data Center
Production Date: 2021

FASTER is a 184-node Intel cluster from Dell with an InfiniBand HDR-100 interconnect. A100 GPUs, A10 GPUs, A30 GPUs, A40 GPUs and T4 GPUs are distributed and composable via Liqid PCIe fabrics. All nodes are based on the Intel Ice Lake processor.