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(Data Normalization, Clustering & Collapsing)
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= Data Normalization, Clustering & Collapsing =
= NGS: Data Normalization, Clustering & Collapsing =
== BBNorm ==
== BBNorm ==

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NGS: Data Normalization, Clustering & Collapsing


GCATemplates available: no

BBNorm homepage

 module load BBMap

bbnorm.sh is the data normalization script that is part of the BBMap package.

BBNorm: Kmer-based error-correction and normalization tool.


GCATemplates available: no

CD-HIT homepage

 module load CD-HIT

CD-HIT is a very widely used program for clustering and comparing protein or nucleotide sequences.


GCATemplates available: no

FASTX-Toolkit homepage

 module load FASTX-Toolkit

The fastx_collapser tool is included in the FASTX-Toolkit.

Collapses identical sequences in a FASTQ/A file into a single sequence (while maintaining reads counts).