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GNU gcc and Intel C/C++ Interoperability

C++ compilers are interoperable if they can link object files and libraries generated by one compiler with object files and libraries generated by the second compiler, and the resulting executable runs successfully. Some GNU gcc* versions are not interoperable, some versions are interoperable. By default, the Intel compiler will generate code that is interoperable with the version of gcc it finds on your system.

The Intel(R) C++ Compiler options that affect GNU gcc* interoperability include:

  • -cxxlib
  • -gcc-name
  • -gcc-version
  • -gxx-name
  • -fabi-version
  • -no-gcc (see gcc Predefined Macros for more information)

The Intel(R) C++ Compiler is interoperable with GNU gcc* compiler versions greater than or equal to 3.2. See the Intel(R) C++ Compiler Documentation for more information at the Intel Software Documentation page.