Call for materials: Showcase your research posters/slides at Supercomputing Conference 2018

We would like to showcase your HPRC supported computational research at the TAMU HPRC booth during the Supercomputing Conference (SC18; in Dallas, Texas, on Nov 12-15, 2018.

This will be a great opportunity to promote your research to a large audience. SC is the premier conference for high performance computing for academia and industry and attracts engineers and computational scientists from all over the world. In addition, many representatives from funding agencies such as NSF, DOE, and NIH also attend SC. We encourage you to participate in this conference.

Exhibitors include leading companies, national and international research labs, and many top research universities. For reference, there were 350 exhibitors and 12,000+ registered attendees at SC17.

We will use posters and 2 42+" TV displays as medium for showcasing your works. You can contribute in the form of posters, slides/videos, or both.

  • Submission deadline: Monday, October 8th 2018
  • For submitting slides or videos, wide screen format (16:9) and up to 10 slides are preferred. Please include author/title as a footnote in the slides and caption in the video.
  • If you would like to submit your work to be presented in poster format:
    • Submit only an electronic copy of your work to HPRC and we will print all posters.
    • If the poster file size is less than 5 MB, please email your posters to
    • For file sizes larger than 5 MB, please upload your file to or place files in your scratch directory on Ada/Terra and then email us the location of your poster files. Or use and add as a recipient.
    • Size of poster: 32 inches (wide) x 48 inches (tall)
    • File format for the poster: PowerPoint or source file(s). HPRC may need to reformat your posters.
    • Please use highest image resolution whenever possible
  • Most conference attendees work in high performance computing fields and/or utilize computing clusters for their research. For the interest of the audience, please include which HPRC cluster you used, software used and typical job size (#cores, memory, and run time).

We will do our best to present your research if we can.

Please contact us at if you have questions.