Frequently Asked Questions

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Fees & Payment

What do my registration fees include?

The Summer Computing Academy charges a registration fee of $300 USD. Limited scholarships that cover all or part of the registration fees are available. Payment details will be sent by email to applicants along with their notice of selection. These fees will be used to fund the purchase of a functional Raspberry Pi kit of $90 value that the participants will take home after completion of the camp. A portion of these fees are applied towards providing each participant with lunches, snacks, and drinks. These fees also cover printing costs and other such administrative expenses. On-campus parking expenses are not included in the registration fees. The academy functions on an at-cost basis, any unused funds will be used to support similar HPRC outreach activities.

How do I pay my registration fees?

Upon acceptance to the Summer Computing Academy, you will receive an email containing payment information and instructions. Payment can be made in the forms of electronic check and credit or debit cards.


Who is eligible for this program?

The Summer Computing Academy is open to high school students (rising 9th through graduating seniors).

Do I need to attend both camps?

No, you need not attend both camps. The intermediate camp builds off information learned during the beginner level camp. As such, students are welcome to apply for and, if accepted, attend both camps. Attending both camps, however, is not required. Students may attend either the beginner camp or the intermediate camp based on their current knowledgebase.

Can I apply for both camps?

Yes, you can apply to attend both camps. Students attending the introductory camp may apply for the Intermediate camp as well. Students who are not sure which camp they should apply for are welcome to apply for both. We will determine which camp will be best suited for their current knowledgebase.


What do I bring?

Participants are also advised to bring materials to take notes with. On the days of the tours, participants are advised to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug spray. Umbrellas are advised as well if rain is in the forecast. A laptop or tablet computer is not required for this program. The organizers will provide participants with laptops if requested.

The Academy will provide bottled water as well as snacks available throughout the day. Lunch will be provided every day of the camp. Please note that while we will try our utmost to accommodate all food allergies and/or dietary requirements, we may not be able to accommodate all requests for every meal.

How do I submit the consent forms?

Signed and completed consent forms can be given to the Academy coordinators up until the first day of the academy.

What do I wear?

Participants are expected to dress appropriately for the duration of the program. The majority of the program will take place inside the ILSB building that houses many research laboratories. Thus, closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED. Jeans are preferred, but on the days of the tours, appropriate shorts can be worn as well. Please take into consideration the weather forecast for the week of the program. Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hats, and bug spray are advised for the days of the tours. In the case of inclement weather, umbrellas, rain coats, ponchos, etc. are advised.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances may keep you from attending the camp. We request that you inform us at the earliest so that we may offer your spot to the next eligible participant. To receive complete refund, participants need to inform the organizers by end of business on May 1, 2018. Administrative fees incurred in processing the refund will apply. Cancellations after this date will receive a partial refund and the Raspberry Pi unit. Refunds will be issued to participants who received a scholarship.

Do participants stay on campus?

This camp follows a day-camp format. So, participants stay on campus from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. They will have to make their own residential arrangements. We have listed some local options on our website but don't provide any residential options.

Are participants restricted to stay on the campus?

Participants are not restricted (nor required) to live on campus outside of camp hours. We are responsible for minors from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Most participants are picked up by their guardians/parents at the end of each day. Guardian/parent may sign a waiver form that allows the participant to leave at the end of the day on their own cognition.

Do participants get to keep the raspberry pi?

Yes, participants get to keep their Raspberry pi computer, bread board, three sensors, power supply for the Raspberry Pi, SD card for the Raspberry Pi and a case for the Raspberry PI. These items cost about $120. In addition, they get to keep camp materials like binders, certificates, notes and t-shirts. The registration fees also include the prices of lunches for each day of the camp, the reception and snacks.

Do participants need to take their own equipment?

Camp attendees are not required to bring any equipment. We provide all necessary equipment. Depending on the weather, they may need to bring an umbrella.

Do participants need to take their own money to pay for their meals?

No, camp participants do not need to pay for food. Snacks, bottled water and lunches are included in the registration fees. Lunch is provided at the historic Sbisa Dining Hall at TAMU. We are able to cater to a number of food restrictions.